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Term Definition
OC-1 See Optical Carrier Level.
OC-3 See Optical Carrier Level.
On-HookThe idle condition of voice path regardless of its transport type.
Operations Support System (OSS)Refers to systems (both Verizon systems and those of external vendors such as Telcordia) that provide operations services such as workforce management, trouble processing, dispatch, customer line records, testing, etc.
Operator ServicesAny of a variety of telephone services that need the assistance of an operator or an automated "operator" (that is, using interactive voice response technology and speech recognition). Such services include collect calls, third party billed calls and person-to-person calls.
Optical Carrier LevelA SONET term. A range of bandwidths as specified in a Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bellcore) document and associated ANSI standards. For example: Optical Carrier Level 1 (OC-1)--The optical signal that results from an STS-1 signal conversion. Optical Carrier level 3 (OC-3)--An optical carrier with three 51.84M bps multiplexed OC-1 circuit streams on an underlying SONET/SDH circuit. Optical Carrier Level 3-c (OC-3c)--An OC-3 circuit with the three OC-1 lines concatenated into a 155.52M bps circuit; used in ATM transmission. See ATM and OQS (Open Query System).

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