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End Office SwitchA local exchange carrier switching system, where telephone exchange service customer station loops are terminated for purposes of interconnection to trunks. In the case of a Remote Switching Module, the term, End Office Switch, designates the combination of the Remote Switching Module and its host.
End User

Any customer of a telecommunications service that is not a carrier, except for the following exceptions:

  1. A carrier other than a telephone service provider is considered to be an "end user," when the carrier uses a telecommunications service for administrative purposes.

  2. A person or entity that offers telecommunications services exclusively as a Reseller is considered to be an "end user" if all resale transmissions offered by the reseller originate on the premises of the reseller.

ExchangeA unit generally smaller than a LATA, established by the local exchange carrier (LEC) for the administration of communications service in a specified area (usually a city, town, or village and its environs). An exchange consists of one or more central offices together with the associated facilities used to provide communications services within that area. One or more designated exchanges comprise a given LATA.

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