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Carrier Access Billing System (CABS)System for billing Interexchange Carriers and other service providers for access to the Verizon network.
Carrier Identification Code (CIC)A unique three or four digit access identification code that is assigned by Telcordia Technologies for use with certain switched access services. The CIC identifies the caller's long distance carrier.
Central Office (CO)

A building where end users' lines are joined to switching equipment that connects other end users to each other, both locally and via long distance carriers.

The central office contains the associated inside plant network elements required to perform this function, such as distribution frames, interoffice facility termination points, and so on. Also known as End Office and Entity.

CentrexA class of central office service that provides the equivalent of PBX service from a telephone company switching system. Permits station-to-station dialing, direct inward dialing to a particular station, and station identification on outgoing calls.

An electrical or fiber optic communication path between two or more points of termination.

CircuitA two-way communication path.
CLECSee Competitive Local Exchange Carrier.
COSee Central Office.
Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC)

Any company or person authorized to provide local exchange services in competition with an ILEC. A CLEC provides similar or identical telecommunications services to the ILEC.

CPESee Customer Premise Equipment.
Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)Telephone equipment, such as handsets, PBXs, Key Systems, and modems located on the customer's premises and connected to the phone service provider network.

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