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B Channel

See Bearer Channel.

BandwidthThe common measure of transmission capacity. For analog transmission, it is measured in cycles per second; for digital transmission, it is measured in bits per second.
Basic Rate ISDN (BRI)A 2-wire line-side local switching system port that uses the 2B1Q line code at a 160 kilobit per second rate to transport overhead and up to two B channels and one D channel.
Bearer Channel (B Channel)A 64 kilobits per second channel used for information transfer.
Beta TestThe stage at which a new product is tested under actual usage conditions. (Alpha testing is conducted in-house.)
Billing Telephone Number (BTN)The ten-digit number, including the area code, to which charges for a given telephone service are billed.
BroadbandA data-transmission scheme in which multiple signals share the bandwidth of a medium such as fiber-optic cable. This allows the transmission of voice, data and video signals over a single medium; for example, cable television uses broadband to deliver dozens of channel signals over a single cable.

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