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Access Carrier (or Customer) Name AbbrevA three-character code assigned to each Interexchange Carrier. Its usual use is to designate which carrier the customer has specified as their primary toll carrier.
Access Code

A short sequence of digits assigned by the a telephone service provider to an individual customer to provide access to a specific service, feature or function of a telecommunications network or computer system.

The five-digit code (used for call destinations within the United States) has the form 10XXX.

The seven-digit code (used for international call destinations) has the form 101XXXX or 950-XXXX.

ADSLSee Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line.
AIN See Advanced Intelligent Network.
Alternate Billed Call (ABC)A call originating on one line and charged to another, using collect, bill-to-third (Third Number) or calling card.
AMA See Automated Message Accounting.
ANISee Automatic Number Identification.
ANSISee American National Standards Institute.
ASRAutomatic Speech Recognition.
ATISSee Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions.
ATM See Asynchronous Transfer Mode.
Automated Message Accounting (AMA)
  1. The automatic collection, recording and processing of information relating to calls for billing purposes.

  2. The structure inherent in switch technology that initially records telecommunication message information. The industry standard for AMA format is contained in a Telcordia Technologies document, Automated Message Accounting.
Automatic Number Identification (ANI)The number transmitted through the network that identifies the calling party billing telephone number.

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