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T&S SIP based Voicemail provides a complete Voicemail solution for both business and residential services.


When configured for business users can have a desktop Voice Butler that allows them to listen to the name of their caller and then decide how to handle the call. This includes the ability to send the call to their extension, another extension, Voicemail, or the attendant.


When configured as residential each mailbox can have 4 additional sub mailboxes. this is particularly well suited for families that wish to give the children their own Voice Mail box.


Voicemail messages can be retrieved using your telephone or via the web from any location. Messages may be deleted and saved. Business users may also copy or move the message to another mail box or message list as well as annotate the original message with comments.


Your voicemail can optionally be forwarded to your email giving you the ability to get your messages when not in the office. Additionally, you may have the system send a text message to your cell phone when a new message arrives.


To support groups that need to know right away when a new message arrives a mailbox can be configured to place phone calls to a Call List of personnel announcing the new message and allowing them to listen and clear the message at that time. Calls placed to a Call List may be configured to stop on the first acknowledgement or to call all member of the list.

Each business Voicemail account  may create up to 8 lists with up to 255 other Voicemail accounts in each list. this is very useful when you need to send a message to a group of people such as sales staff.

Last Updated ( Friday, 11 August 2006 )