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Written by Michael Keilhofer   
The T&S SIP based IVR is named Zeus and is based on its long standing PSTN IVR originally built in 1998. Much more than an IVR the Zeus SIP IVR provides a complete communications solution.

The Zeus IVR product features a script driven engine that can control every individual communication Port independently to provide a multitude of different services all on the same system.

The Zeus IVR scripting can do the following:

  • Answer inbound calls and collect Caller ID
  • Place outbound calls to any destination
  • Play and record audio files
  • Collect DTMF digits
  • Perform blind and supervised call transfers
  • Make client connections to any TCP Server and send and receive messages
  • Connect to any ODBC compliant database to query, insert, update, and delete records
  • Read and write XML files
  • Read and write CSV files
  • Send emails with canned or caller collected information
  • Generate user logs
  • Generate event messages
  • Generate trace messages
  • Control phones
  • Execute JavaScript (version 4.1 and higher)
  • Execute VXML scripts (versionn 5 and higher)
  • Generate true text to speech phrases
  • Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) (version 4.2 and higher)
Additionally, a full range of statistics and tracking of users while in the system is provided.
Starting with version 4.1, the  ivr's configuration and provisioning is totally controlled via web pages.
Remote control of the IVR is provided via secure Windows applications over an encrypted TCP connection to the IVR and allow the user to:
  • View the current status of all ports
  • Reload scripts on one or more ports
  • Change the trace levels of one or more ports
  • View IVR events in real time
  • View IVR traacing in real time
  • Change the IVR's date/time, IP address, subnet mask, and host name
  • Start and stop process management
  • Manage audio files including (1) play a file (2) record a file (3) remove a file
Last Updated ( Friday, 29 September 2006 )